Steve DIstante is an Entrepreneur and car aficionado from Long Island, New York. He started his first business when he was only 5 years old. He is the CEO of Vanderbilt Securities LLC, member of Long Island Exotics Club and an incoming president of Entrepreneurs Organization(EO)


This is by far my favorite. Even though I asked Steve for 30 minutes to just talk about cars, I managed to steal another 40 minutes to talk about entrepreneurship. For someone who has always been an entrepreneur from age 5. He obviously has alot I could learn from. He also share a story about how he met his wife. This is part 2 of episode #27

#114 Steve Distante – Tesla’s No.1 Fan, Impact Investing

Steve Distante is an entrepreneur and CEO (as he likes to say, “Chief Entrepreneurial Officer”) of Vanderbilt Financial Group. He started his first business when he was only 5 years old. He is also the Founder and Chief Disruption Officer at Impact U, a platform that educates students, investors, & financial advisors, alike about Impact Investing.

Igniting Impact and a member of the Bloods | Steve Distante & Cory Wrisborne

Two different upbringings, two different worlds, yet similar goals. Steve Distante is the EO’s liaison to the UN and his production company, ImpactU uses film to educate, inspire, and celebrate entrepreneurs that use their business for good. Cory Wrisborne is gang leader, entrepreneur, founder of Dinero Digital Marketing, which provides educational courses and marketing classes to formerly incarcerated individuals. Listen in as Steve and Cory share how they use their platforms to inspire change.

Ep. 148 Find Your Why and Eliminate Everything Else || Steve Distante, ImpactU

Steve Distante is the Founder of Vanderbilt Financial Group and Chief Disruption Officer at ImpactU who helps you find your why and eliminate everything else.

Steve Distante: One Board Meeting Away From Building Out His Mission

Steve Distante is an Investment Banker, Impact Entrepreneur & Documentary Filmmaker. As a storyteller, he shares stories of Entrepreneurs who use their businesses to make a difference in the world to inspire, educate and celebrate fellow entrepreneurs for us all to consider our gift of entrepreneurship for good.

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