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About Igniting Impact

The mission of igniting impact is to inspire, educate, and celebrate entrepreneurs who are solving some of the world’s greatest challenges with their business. The film highlights the inspirational stories of eight entrepreneurs working around the globe. From eradicating poverty to gender equality to climate change, entrepreneurs and industry experts take us on a journey from the origins of corporate social responsibility to the transformation of capitalism using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) as a framework for how the business world needs to evolve. Each story is unique—some touching, some empowering—but all illuminating the impactful change happening now.

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Set up a public screening and discussion of Igniting impact for your school, university, EO, YPO or Net Impact chapter and engage your community with the SDG’s! Our production company,, offers event packages with keynote speakers, permission to publicly screen the film, customized marketing for your event, post-screening interactive engagement, and a media kit to help promote your event digitally and to the press.


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